Kristin Cavallari with baby wearing the new Sapling Child organic babywear collection

When I first laid eyes on Sapling Child's new collection of gorgeous organic baby clothes I fell immediately in love. And yet... since the product arrived late last week a few of my nearest and dearest have examined the contents with raised eyebrows, questioning me; "But...isn't this pink?"

Well, I hadn't thought so, to be honest! I see a beautiful coral, a terracotta-meets-apricot. But hey - who am I to question anyone who sees this as pink? To be fair, it is a rather thin line between the various colour shades. So... depending on what side of the fence you sit on, this new range of Sapling Child organic baby clothes is either the exception to the rule or the closest thing you'll ever get to pink on this site :)

sapling child white organic baby romper with coral trim and coral retro baby shorts

Sapling Child has partnered with American TV personality, Kristin Cavallari, for their latest collection. The berry buds print is inspired by Kristin's honeymoon in Italy, and the berry buds are representative of the olive berry branches which speak of peace and harmony. 

Everything in this collection is absolutely gorgeous - from the organic zip romper, organic baby swaddle, baby pants, newborn baby hats and so much more. With so much matchy-matchy a few of these pieces together would make the perfect baby shower gift or coming home outfit for a newborn baby. 

toddler girl wearing sapling child berry buds tee and retro shorts newborn long sleeve white zip romper and hat

Check out the collection here. And I'd love to know - do you see pink??