FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order arrive?
Every single order will be processed within 24-48 hours, except on weekends and public holidays. When you choose express shipping, we do our best to process same day and have it with Australia Post by the next day at the latest. Depending on the shipping options you've chosen, your delivery will arrive anywhere between 1-7+ days after that. Please see here for more detail on shipping and estimated delivery times.

How will my order be sent?
For orders within Australia, we use Australia Post. You'll have the option of choosing either a flat rate of $8 for standard shipping, and a flat rate of $11 for express post shipping. Please note that if you're not living in the express post network, we can't guarantee timing on your deliver, but express post is still the faster option. 

For international orders, we send using DHL e-Commerce or DHL express. You'll have the option to choose your shipping option at checkout. 

Where are you located?
Pretty Without Pink is located in Adelaide, South Australia. If you ever want to check delivery estimates, your parcel will be coming from postcode 5031.

Do you offer free shipping?
We do offer free shipping for orders over a certain threshold. Within Australia, we offer free shipping for orders over $85, free shipping to New Zealand for orders over $100 and free shipping to the rest of the world for orders over $150. 

Please remember that shipping is never free for us. So it's just not possible as a small business to offer free shipping on all orders. 

I live in the U.S. - why is your shipping so expensive?
Unfortunately, we hear this a lot. "We love your stuff but the shipping is too expensive to justify." Yes, it's true - but the reality is, that's what it costs us. The U.S. has a very advanced system where shipping is fast and free and we just can't compete with that here in Australia! In fact, on most international orders we actually lose a bit of money on shipping. So please don't think we're making huge profits on shipping. It's really not the case. Hopefully in time we'll have more efficient international shipping options available to us.

I need my item urgently, what delivery options do you have?
Because we have an account with DHL, we can also courier your items to you. Recently we had a mum from Perth desperately looking for a christening outfit for her baby that weekend. It was a Thursday and being from Perth, even Australia Post express shipping wasn't an option. So we called DHL, wrapped up her white Le Edit Viggo Romper for the occasion, and got the parcel picked up that day for a next day delivery.

So if you need something urgently and want to get bespoke courier costs, feel free to shoot us a line on hello@prettywithoutpink.com.au and we'll do what we can to help you out! 

How will my order be packaged?
Sustainability is very important to us so we do our very best to reduce our environmental footprint. Although it's a very hard thing to do in fashion because most brands still send their clothing in plastic wrapping. 

The post satchels/mailers we've chosen are made from 100% recycled materials, are reusable and recyclable. We take all clothing out of the plastic wrapping and dispose of them correctly either in landfill or recycling where available. Then we wrap your parcel in recycled white or cream tissue, purple hemp twine, and close with 100% biodegradable sticky tape. 

Do you offer gift wrapping?
At this stage we don't offer additional gift wrapping beyond the wrapping mentioned above. Do let us know if this is something you'd be interested in though - if we get enough queries it may be something we'd consider adding.

I ordered the wrong size. What do you I do?
We ask that you please choose your sizes carefullyBut of course, we know it's easy to make mistakes and sometimes that three year old all of a sudden is wearing size 4 by the time your parcel comes. We get it! So if your item is full priced, hasn't been worn and is in exactly the same condition you received it in, get in touch and we'll arrange an exchange if we have the size you need. 

We will ask you to pay for return shipping to get the item back to us. And this is purely because if we pay for shipping to get the item back to us, and then pay for shipping to send it back to you, we'll have lost money on the sale. We're not a big department store - this is essentially one mama working out of her spare room! - so postage costs us what it costs you.

If your item was on sale, then unfortunately that sale is final.

Which is why we say, please choose your sizes carefully. If you're child is between sizes and you're not sure which size to choose, then let us know and we'll get the tape measure out! Always happy to help however you need.

I entered the wrong address at checkout. How can I fix it?
GET IN TOUCH ASAP!! If you can grab us before we've created the shipping label, then you're good to go. If it's already been sent, then unfortunately there is nothing we can do. All we can do is notify Australia Post, but they won't redirect mail on route to the right address. If they can catch it in their system, they'll return to sender (us!). But if they can't catch it, it's going to be sent to the address marked on the label. And unfortunately we can't be liable for an incorrect address entered. So if you do accidentally put your old address in, the sooner you realise the better chance we have of being able to help you! 

What sizes do you carry?
We stock girls and baby clothing from newborn size (0000) to size 5. For shoes, sizes are size 5 to size 13.

Why do you list your baby sizes by age and not zeros?
Honestly? Because before I became a mum I never remembered how many zeros a baby was supposed to be wearing and buying baby gifts was always SO confusing! And we know that a lot of our customers are buying clothing for birthdays and baby showers, so we figured listing by age rather than size might be less confusing. There is a standard age for each size, as per below:

00000 - Premmie
0000 - Newborn
000 - 0-3 months
00 - 3-6 months
0 - 6-12 months
1 - 12-18 months

I'm unsure about which size to get - can you help?
Of course! Drop us an email at hello@prettywithoutpink.com.au with your question and we'll respond asap. Alternatively, you can DM us on Facebook or Instagram if that's easier. 

You've sold out of the size I want - can you order it in?
Normally, no. Once we've sold out of something, it's very rare that we restock. But there may be a possibility so feel free to ask. Alternatively, if you're hunting for something particular, we'd be happy to ask the brand directly and see if they or one of their other retailers stocks the size you need. 

Do the shoes come in boxes?
Not always, no. We do have boxes for the shoes here, but depending on the size of your order sometimes the box doesn't fit in the satchel so we may decide to remove the shoes from the box. This is purely for economical reasons because bulky shipping can cost a lot of money - and it doesn't really make sense if that extra cost is to ship a box that's only going to be thrown away.

However, we do know that some people like to keep shoes in the boxes. So if you absolutely want your shoe box and you don't mind spending a bit extra on shipping to get it, please feel free to drop us a note with your order letting us know that you'd like the box, and we'll let you know if that will require additional shipping.

Still have questions?
Please feel free to get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram at any stage with any questions you may have!  

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