oobi clothing girls summer playsuit in navy

Can't wait for summer? Neither can we! Long hot days, BBQs, beach days, that smell of sunscreen and your little ones giggling as they run around wetting each other with the hose. Pure bliss. 

And we think Oobi's new lemonade collection encapsulates those lovely summer vibes. A gorgeous navy playsuit for girls with bright yellow lemons spotted throughout. Pair with the matching hat or headband for the perfect summer outfit! 

oobi clothing girls navy and lemonade print playsuit

What we really love about Oobi is their passion to making affordable ethical clothing for kids. We know how hard it can be to always shop ethical because the fact is, the price of well made, ethical clothing is so much more than what you'll find at most department stores. And for very good reason! But sometimes it can feel hard to justify.

And that's where Oobi really stands out. This gorgeous girls playsuit comes in at under $50. A great price for a gorgeous, ethically made girls romper that can be worn all summer long! 

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