Peta Stinson, founder of organic baby clothing label Sapling Child

Sapling Child is a gorgeous babywear label that creates the softest, highest quality organic baby clothing. We caught up with Peta Stinson, the talented lady behind the brand to find out more about Sapling Child and how she's grown the business into the international success it is today.

Tell us a little bit about you and your family
We are a busy family of 5! With three boys, a rapidly expanding business, and a continent shift, life is busy!
What was the motivation behind creating a babywear label?
One of the primary motivators, was that I wanted to do my bit to make a positive change to the clothing manufacturing industry, while also creating beautiful chemical free clothes that parents could get longevity out of.

baby crawling wearing sapling child organic vintage roses bubblesuit
You’ve partnered with some amazing mamas like Jaime King, Kate Waterhouse, Marcia Leone and most recently, Kristin Cavallari – what has it been like for you to work on these collections?
These partnerships have been amazing. Each collaboration has been so different form the last…the people are different, their aesthetics, the way they work.
The best thing about it is that it means I get to keep learning! I’m always learning new things from them...For example, one of our collaborators wanted to do a water colour type look/feel so me and my design team had to learn how to create that effect on printed fabric. It’s amazing!

Kristin cavallari and Kate Waterhous for Sapling Child
Sapling Child is ethically made using GOTS certified organic cotton – how important was it to you to ensure the brand was ethical and sustainable?
It was the only option. GOTS certification is the most stringent. It covers dyes, fabric, fair trade laws, child labour laws etc. Taking care of the environment that sustains us, the people who work with us, and creating pieces free of nasties are and always will be our top most priority.
Do you think consumers are fully aware about the negative impacts of fast fashion? And if not, what do we need to do to correct it?
I don’t think so. I think people are slowly starting to learn more though. I also think that fast fashion is slowly being held are accountable, not enough….but the more customers tell the big fast fashion chains how they feel, and vote with their dollar…the more we can change.

baby wearing sapling child organic body suit vintage rose print
How important is sustainability in the day to day running of your business? 
Everything we do has sustainability and environmental best practice at the forefront of our minds. Outside of organic cotton, processing, and printing, we also purchase green power at our warehouse sand distribution centres. We also use electric forklifts (no toxic fumes), recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging, and carbon offset any remaining foot print.
A lot of your styles are unisex – was it important for you to create pieces that could be worn by both baby boys and girls?
We always like to include a unisex range in our seasons.  I think it’s important to provide a choice!

What would be your message to the next generation
I’d say keep being the resilient young minds you are. We need you to help us fix so many problems we’ve caused! 

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