OK! Dolls empowering dolls for girls with inspirational careers

There has been a lot of talk lately about needing to end gender stereotyping in kids' toys. And for good reason! Those early childhood years are so formative - it's when children learn their place in the world and understand the possibilities they have open to them. 

When you look at the stats, women only make up 16% of Australia's entire STEM (science, tech, engineering and maths) workforce. Our society tells girls that these areas are for boys and those messages, no matter how subliminal, really make an impact. (A great video to watch is the girls toys vs boys toys experiment which shows just how subconscious our influence on our children can be) 

ok dolls marnie the marine biologist and violet the vet

And that's why we love OK! Dolls and are so excited to add them to Pretty Without Pink! If you're looking for an alternative to Barbie dolls, these are just the coolest, most empowering dolls for girls you can find. 

OK! Dolls have been designed for play - they break traditional gender stereotypes by allowing girls to imagine themselves as a scientist, a surgeon, a vet, a police officer. These are dolls who can be positive roll models for young girls, while also allowing them to have fun and be creative.

ok dolls astronaut toy for girls surgeon toy for girls

The plastic situation

One of the other issues with all those Barbie dolls (and cheaper knock offs) is the plastic. Just imagine all the mountains of plastic that will be used to make plastic kids' toys this Christmas? 

OK! Dolls are not only handmade by Kim, the designer, but they're stuffed with a super soft filling which is made from recycled plastic bottles! So not only are OK! Dolls aspirational dolls for girls, but they're eco-friendly and really doing their bit to reduce pollution. 

All our OK! Dolls are 30cm in length and available for $29 or free with orders over $120. Check out the full range of OK! Dolls here