girls long sleeve organic winter dress milk & masuki

New season Milk & Masuki is here and it's everything you could have hoped for! Milk & Masuki is just one of those amazing brands that is consistently creating fun and edgy, organic clothing for your minis, proving that ethical clothing does not have to be boring!

Loads of unisex baby clothes this season, with the gorgeous organic penguin long sleeve bodysuit and livewire pants being one of our favourite combos. We also love their black world peace tee with black nuts & bolts leggings. Do you dare to dress your baby girls in black? Pair with a cute headband if you want to add a feminine touch!

organic cotton baby girl clothing black and white unisex milk & masuki

For toddlers and girls, we're absolutely loving the new lovebirds print! Available in leggings and a dress - your littles are going to fall in love with these birdies. (Ours definitely have!) 

But our absolute favourite from Milk & Masuki's new range are these adorable girls bomber jackets. Both of our girls have one and they absolutely adore them! A simple diamond motif means you can wear it with anything - and there's even a cheeky bit of pink camo in the lining. Hey - we can let the odd bit of pink through the door sometimes.

girls and toddler organic cotton black bomber jacket winter milk & masuki

Every item from Milk & Masuki is ethically made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Which means very strict processes are followed through the entire lifecycle of the product; right from the cotton production and harvesting through to the dying of the fabrics to the creation of the clothes themselves. 

Check out Milk & Masuki's new range here - we hope you love it as much as we do!