newborn baby feet

When you're pregnant, your senses are heightened. Smells are stronger, you're more sensitive to touch, food tastes different... and overall there's another sense, an awakening of some kind, an awareness of a new presence, of a new life growing inside you.

And for me, my first pregnancy brought with it another sense; an acute and overwhelming awareness of the colour pink. 

I'd never questioned it before. When someone has a boy, you buy them something blue. When someone has a girl you buy them something pink. Then there's yellow and green and white for those who don't know. It all seemed rather innocuous. 

But walking through a department store, having recently discovered we were having a girl, I found myself adrift in a sea of pink. And it didn't feel good. I felt strangely protective of my little girl, yet to be born. Yet to be subject to all those things society expects a little girl to be; sugar and spice and all things nice.

too many pink baby clothes in a department store

Pink was no longer an innocent, feminine colour. It was a rather heavy expectation. A box in which to pigeon hole her. A pastel pink constraint, tied up with a glittery bow. 

But to get a good mix of clothes that weren't pink, we really needed to shop around. That's where the idea for Pretty Without Pink came from - to create a store that just flat out didn't stock pink.

That little baby is now three and a half and her little sister has just turned one. Now, we couldn't be happier to introduce our newest baby into the world, Pretty Without Pink. She's only just teeny and new, but watch out because she's going to grow! And with any luck, will become as feisty and as strong as her older sisters.

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