New brand! Two Darlings

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on April 27, 2018

Girls forest green linen jumpsuit Two Darlings

We're so thrilled to introduce our newest brand, Two Darlings. An Australian label created by a mama of two, Two Darlings designs the most gorgeous clothing for little girls and babies, from girls' pinafore dresses and overalls to the sweetest little baby rompers.

vintage baby romper navy linen two darlings

Ethically made from high quality linen, Two Darlings embodies a timeless, classical style you're sure to fall in love with. Our favourite from this collection would have to be the forest green girls overalls. Or perhaps the white ones. It's so hard to decide!

white linen girls ruffle sleeve overalls two darlings

Check out the full range here

Stylish. Ethical. Organic = Anarkid

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on April 20, 2018

organic girls dress mustard hedgehog swing dress anarkid

If you've been searching for ethical and organic baby & kids clothes then you simply can't go past Anarkid! Made for rebels, by rebels, Anarkid's clothing is edgy, comfortable and super cool. 

Anarkid's latest range 'Explore' has just landed and we love every single piece! From its mustard hedgehog girls dress and black unisex hedgehog leggings to its stunning block stripe girls blouse with matching bloomers, there's just so much to love about this new range.

organic girls clothing baby romper anarkid

And not only is everything ethically made, but is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, which means every aspect of the production cycle has been considered - clothing that considers both people and the planet. And for that, we love it even more. 

Check out Anarkid's latest collection here

Exclusive pre-release - new Poppy Harper The Label

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on April 12, 2018

vintage-inspired girls and toddler dress poppy harper the label aubergine

Noone does vintage-style girls' dresses quite like Poppy Harper The Label - and we're excited to announce that we have exclusive access to the new aubergine vintage-style dress ahead of its official launch next month!

cute girls dress aubergine poppy harper the label
With its stunning Peter Pan collar, puffed sleeves and lovely tie-waist (which means you can size up for longer wear) there's just so much to love about this stunning, aubergine girls dress! Perfect for layering, you can wear this all year round. Available in sizes 0 (6-12 months) to 5 years - only limited quantities available!

maroon aubergine girls party dress poppy harper the label

As well as the dress, we've also just added the new aubergine girls blouse - a long sleeve blouse with stunning neck tie detail (and pairs perfectly with Poppy Harper The Label 'heather' shorts). Plus we have a range of matching aubergine accessories - piggy bows and large clip bows - to finish the outfit!

girls blouse and shorts toddler outfit poppy harper the label

These shoes are made for skipping - gorgeous children's footwear by Anchor & Fox

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on April 07, 2018

girls toddler shoes closed toe mary janes anchor and fox

If you've been looking for cute little girl shoes then look no further than Anchor & Fox!! Our newest brand - and very first children's footwear brand - has just arrived!! 

girls toddler shoes online australia anchor and fox

Featuring beautiful hues of mulberry, cream, cerulean (blue) and black in Mary Janes and Brogue style boots, these are just the most gorgeous, high quality little girls and toddler shoes you could possibly find! Designed in Melbourne and made in an ethically certified factory in China, each shoe is beautifully detailed and made from the highest quality materials. 

patent leather girls shoes white toddler ankle boots

Shoes come in children's sizes 5 to 11 - the size guide is shown on each product but if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to email or reach us via our social channels (top right corner of this page!). 

Check out the full range of Anchor & Fox girls and toddler shoes here.

Edgy, European style - Kidscase's winter collection

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on March 22, 2018

stylish baby and childrens clothes australia kidscase

The most gorgeous European designer children's clothing has arrived in Australia - Kidscase's Autumn/Winter range is here and it's absolutely stunning. If you are looking for the most stylish baby clothes around, you won't be able to go past the cute little off-white girls winter cardigan with matching pants. 

And for those who like a bit of a retro vibe, we absolutely adore this stylish, 'Bessy' organic girls dress, available in size 12-18 months right up to four years. Pair with Kidscase's super cool girls' sports cardigan in ruby, with ruby leggings to match. 

designer baby and girls clothing in australia ethical brand kidscase

But our absolute favourite would have to be the off-white cardi and Sidney girls pants - just the coolest little girls' outfit around. Plus, very unisex and easily passed down to other family members! 

Of course we love Kidscase because it's an ethical children's clothing brand who is committed to ensuring all its clothing is made under fair working conditions. Quality, European kids fashion, shipped to you from Australia! 


Why we need to stop gender stereotyping our kids

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on March 18, 2018

stop gender stereotpying our girls pretty without pink

Last week was International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women and continue to raise awareness about gender inequality. And on that very same day – a day when women all around the world were fighting to have their voices were heard – I'm ashamed to say, I stood there silently as my two daughters were completely gender stereotyped.

I was doing the double pick-up – Miss 4 from kindy and Miss Toddler from childcare – when the most seemingly innocuous thing happened; the girls were offered stickers. Awesome! What kid doesn’t love stickers?

A plastic container was handed to them full of different sheets of stickers and their eager little hands sifted through, frantically trying to find the ones they wanted. My 20-month-old chose a sheet full of jungle animals and my eldest chose space themed stickers with planets and rockets.

What happened next left me literally speechless.

The educator handing out the stickers looked at my toddler’s choice – jungle animals – then fished around in the box and pulled out a bright pink sticker sheet full of sparkly fairies. She said, “Here, did you want this one instead? I know you’ll like this one.” And proceeded to SWAP her lions and giraffes for what? A more appropriate choice?? Then turned and did the same thing for my four-year-old.

They both ended up being given a pink sticker sheet filled with sparkles and fairies. Despite the fact this was not what they originally chose.

And after having chosen their stickers for them, the educator actually said, “See? Girls!” Triumphantly. As if to say, girls will be girls, so predictable - always choosing the pink stuff.

They didn’t choose this!! YOU DID!

To be fair, my four-year-old is obsessed with fairies and if she’d seen those there in the first place she totally would have chosen them. But after said educator had disappeared with her sticker box, I saw my little toddler’s face. She was left a bit stunned, pining after the box of stickers as her beloved animals were being carried away.

You see, my toddler doesn’t give a shit about fairies. She’s learning how to say the names of animals and even though she can’t pronounce them properly, she can do a pretty awesome lion’s roar and can screech like a monkey - scratching her underarms for extra effect. She likes to snap her arms like a crocodile’s snout and chase me around the house growling like a bear. What do fairies do? Nothing of particular interest to a toddler.

Of course, I know this educator didn’t mean any harm. In her mind, she was making a couple of kids happy by offering them some stickers. And it goes without saying that in the grand scheme of things, given the atrocities some little girls around the world are subject to, I’m fully aware that being handed some girly stickers rates remarkably low on the list of things that need addressing.

But by the same token, it’s the little things that count. It’s all these little moments that add up. That shape a person. Because in that moment, a 20-month old girl inadvertently got taught a lesson I’m really not comfortable with – she learned that jungle animals were the ‘wrong’ choice. By physically taking the stickers from her hands and replacing them with a ‘more appropriate’ choice, that educator was teaching her right from wrong. She was teaching my daughter that because she’s a girl, she should have chosen the pink sticker sheet full of sparkly fairies.

And the worst part is I didn’t say anything. “Actually, she really loves animals right now can she please keep that one?” That’s what I should have said. I’m her mother, her protector. I should have stood up for her and made sure that everyone learned a lesson that day. Because I’m sure that educator wasn’t even aware of what she was doing. I’m sure the gender stereotyping was completely subconscious.

It’s such an innocent mistake, and yet so powerful. Because that was just one microsecond of all the moments in my daughter’s life when she’s going to learn what it means to be a girl. And I don’t want her to grow up in a world where she’s reduced to sparkly pink fairies. Eff that. I want her to roar like a lion!

New label! Aster & Oak

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on March 06, 2018

New label! Aster & Oak

We're so excited to announce our newest label, Aster & Oak! Aster & Oak is an Australian babies and kids clothing brand which only uses the highest quality organic cotton. But what we love most about this brand is that all their designs are hand illustrated so everything is completely unique. 

From their new 'In the clouds' collection we absolutely adore the unicorn fairy flutter sleeve onesie - a gorgeous illustration of a unicorn carousel. We also love their mono cloud print dress and leggings. These are the perfect prints for parents who are looking for something funky and not overly girly!

affordable organic kids clothes not too girly aster & oak

Aster & Oak thinks about the entire lifecycle about their product, from the soil the cotton is grown in to the way the clothing is manufactured. This thoughtful, Australian brand ensures all their organic baby and kids clothing is ethically made; making sure that both the farmers and textile workers receive fair and ethical working conditions. Aster & Oak really does create some beautiful, yet affordable organic baby and girls clothing - we hope you love them as much as we do!


Ferns & Roses - new Sapling Child has arrived!

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on February 13, 2018

sapling child vintage rose flutter sleeve bodysuit

New Sapling Child has arrived this week and it's absolutely gorgeous. From their new 'From Land to Sea' collection, Sapling's popular 'vintage rose' print has been re-released with loads of new styles. From knotted hats, lace bodysuits, skirt bloomers and a lovely big organic cotton pointelle wrap.


sapling child vintage rose bloomers bodysuit beanie oganic cotton baby clothes

But we think the real hero from this collection is Sapling's newest fern print. So delicate and lovely, we adore the soft neutral tones and intricate patterns. It's the ultimate print for unisex baby clothing - the perfect baby shower gift for expecting mamas!

organic cotton baby clothes neutral tones unisex Sapling Child fern print

Sapling Child is dedicated to producing the highest quality baby clothes. All of its clothing is ethically made using organic cotton and GOTS approved water-based dyes. No nasties against your little ones skin, and all garments made under fair working conditions. This, we love. 

NEW BRAND! Melatiku

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on January 18, 2018

melatiku tropical leaf playsuit ethically made in bali

We're so excited to add Melatiku to Pretty Without Pink's growing range of brands! A gorgeous, ethical brand based in Bali, Melatiku creates beautifully, bright clothing for girls with a tropical vibe.  

Melatiku is a small family business - a mum and dad team raising three young boys (!!) but have, for some reason, been inspired to make clothing for little girls. And thank goodness! Because they're creating an absolutely stunning range of ethically made and gorgeously beautiful clothing. 

indigo leopard melatiku romper bodysuit

And more recently, after the birth of their third son, they've also begun creating a unisex range of baby and kids clothes, like the new in their new summer line. 

Most importantly, Melatiku's clothing is ethically made in Bali by self-employed artisans who set a fair price for each piece. All of Melatiku's team earn a living wage, which ensures they can support their families and provide their children with an education. So when you buy Melatiku you're saying no to sweat shops, and no to child labour. And what could be better than that?



ATTENTION ALL REBELS! Anarkid has arrived

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on December 08, 2017

ATTENTION ALL REBELS! Anarkid has arrived

"If wearing our threads makes your kid a little mischievous, blame us.
And enjoy the chaos."

The second we read that tagline we knew Anarkid was the perfect match for Pretty Without Pink! Cheeky and rebellious, Anarkid not boasts a gorgeous line of ethically made clothing, and their summer 17/18 range is reminiscent of long days at the beach and spending time with family. With a mix of feminine ruffles and unisex prints, there's a range of organic girls and baby clothing to suit everyone!

anarkid rust beach days romper ethically made baby clothes

For Anarkid, fair trade practices are of upmost importance throughout the entire manufacturing process. From responsible organic farming to the fair treatment of workers in their factory, Anarkid follows strict ethical, moral and fair trade guidelines so that workers are looked after well, paid fair living wages, and are free from discrimination. 

anarkid bubble dot organic cotton overalls ethically made baby clothes

We love each and every one of Anarkid's designs and we hope you do too!

On Sale!

  • Broken Tricycle Ruffle Sleeve Goose Romper - Gardina
    Broken Tricycle Ruffle Sleeve Goose Romper - Gardina Broken Tricycle Ruffle Sleeve Goose Romper - Gardina
  • Baobab Girl's Garden Print 50s Bodysuit
    Baobab Girl's Garden Print 50s Bodysuit Baobab Girl's Garden Print 50s Bodysuit
  • Sapling Child Bluebird Pants
    Sapling Child Bluebird Pants Sapling Child Bluebird Pants
  • Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Star Drop Tee
    Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Star Drop Tee Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Star Drop Tee
  • Milk and Masuki Elastic Waist Dress - Unicorn Print
    Milk and Masuki Elastic Waist Dress - Unicorn Print Milk and Masuki Elastic Waist Dress - Unicorn Print
  • Anarkid Bubble Woven Overalls - Lily White
    Anarkid Bubble Woven Overalls - Lily White Anarkid Bubble Woven Overalls - Lily White

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