Ferns & Roses - new Sapling Child has arrived!

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on February 13, 2018

sapling child vintage rose flutter sleeve bodysuit

New Sapling Child has arrived this week and it's absolutely gorgeous. We think the real hero is Sapling's newest fern print. So delicate and lovely!!

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NEW BRAND! Melatiku

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on January 18, 2018

melatiku tropical leaf playsuit ethically made in bali

We're so excited to add Melatiku to Pretty Without Pink's growing range of brands! A gorgeous, ethical brand based in Bali, Melatiku creates beautifully, bright clothing for girls with a tropical vibe.  

Melatiku is a small family business - a mum and dad team raising three young boys (!!) but have, for some reason, been inspired to make clothing for little girls. And thank goodness! Because they're creating an absolutely stunning range of ethically made and gorgeously beautiful clothing. 

indigo leopard melatiku romper bodysuit

And more recently, after the birth of their third son, they've also begun creating a unisex range of baby and kids clothes, like the new in their new summer line. 

Most importantly, Melatiku's clothing is ethically made in Bali by self-employed artisans who set a fair price for each piece. All of Melatiku's team earn a living wage, which ensures they can support their families and provide their children with an education. So when you buy Melatiku you're saying no to sweat shops, and no to child labour. And what could be better than that?



ATTENTION ALL REBELS! Anarkid has arrived

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on December 08, 2017

ATTENTION ALL REBELS! Anarkid has arrived

"If wearing our threads makes your kid a little mischievous, blame us.
And enjoy the chaos."

The second we read that tagline we knew Anarkid was the perfect match for Pretty Without Pink! Cheeky and rebellious, Anarkid not boasts a gorgeous line of ethically made clothing, and their summer 17/18 range is reminiscent of long days at the beach and spending time with family. With a mix of feminine ruffles and unisex prints, there's a range of organic girls and baby clothing to suit everyone!

anarkid rust beach days romper ethically made baby clothes

For Anarkid, fair trade practices are of upmost importance throughout the entire manufacturing process. From responsible organic farming to the fair treatment of workers in their factory, Anarkid follows strict ethical, moral and fair trade guidelines so that workers are looked after well, paid fair living wages, and are free from discrimination. 

anarkid bubble dot organic cotton overalls ethically made baby clothes

We love each and every one of Anarkid's designs and we hope you do too!

Ethically made clothing for children who love to play - swell & solis

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on November 27, 2017

swell & solis dune romper white ruffle ethical toddler clothes

For anyone thinking ethically made children's clothes are boring - think again! swell & solis creates the most stunning range of ethical childrenswear. Based in Lennox Head, Australia, swell & solis is a team of two sisters who are inspired by their lives by the beach and under the sun to create classically beautiful, timeless clothing for minis.  

unisex baby clothes blue baby romper swell & Solis

With a range of unisex baby clothes - like their blue denim rompers - to beautifully feminine rompers and pinafores with ruffled shoulders, there's just so much to love about swell & solis.

nautical girls dress promenade blue stripe red stripe swell & solis

Their new summer range, Little Mariner, features a range of blues, whites and reds. Our absolute favourite is the nautical promenade dress which comes in both red or blue stripe. This little number can be worn with the buttons down the front or back and features beautiful contrasting pockets. Our only dilemma is we can't decide what we love more - blue or red?

Vintage inspired with a modern twist - Poppy Harper The Label

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on November 23, 2017

vintage inspired girls dress poppy harper the label heather dress handmade insta brand

We're so excited to add Poppy Harper The Label to Pretty Without Pink! Featuring gorgeous, vintage-inspired dresses, mix-and-match prints and cute handmade babywear, Poppy Harper The Label makes the perfect little girls outfits for special occasions and every day wear.

What started as a small home business, Poppy Harper The Label has now grown so big it outsources some if its manufacturing to a small factory China. The owners have visited the factory to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of its workers, as well as the continued high level of quality and attention to detail in all its garment production. 

poppy harper the label strawberry rufflebums handmade insta brands baby clothing

We love so many of Poppy Harper The Label's summer line. Some of our absolute favourites include the Heather vintage dress and the adorable little baby rufflebums. We also stock a range of matching bow clips for those who like to complete their outfit!

vintage girls blouse pucker shorts matching bow poppy harper the label


Introducing Milk & Masuki!

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on November 13, 2017

Introducing Milk & Masuki!

Cool and quirky, we are so in love with Milk and Masuki's edgy designs. Using bold, bright colours and fun prints, Milk and Masuki's spring/summer line is the perfect mix of playful, comfy and stylish kids and baby clothing.

organic kids clothing ethically made girls dresses milk and masuki

Milk and Masuki is committed to sustainable design, only using certified organic cotton. More than just the benefits of organic against your little ones skins, Milk and Masuki is moved by the social and environmental benefits of fabric that hasn't been touched by chemicals and the negative impacts for the farmers and their families from spraying cotton crops. We love that Milk and Masuki is part of an ethical and environmentally sound supply chain and all its clothes are GOTS certified. It's the perfect blend of fair and sustainable children's clothing. 

milk and masuki certified organic girls dresses unicorn cat print

Some of our favourites from this season include the elastic waist unicorn dress, the orange cat nap dress and the gorgeous little owl onesie for babies which pairs perfectly with their twombly baby shorts. The whole range is so comfy and stylish, we only wish it came in adult sizes!

organic baby clothes owl ruffle sleeve onesie twombly shorts milk and masuki



Kidscase - ethical, fashion forward clothing from the Netherlands

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on October 27, 2017

Kidscase - ethical, fashion forward clothing from the Netherlands

Steeped in European style, Kidscase is a unique, independent kids' fashion label from the Netherlands. Featuring edgy colour combinations, funky prints and gorgeously unique styles, Kidscase is an ethical childrenswear brand like no other.

baby girl clothing organic cotton red jumpsuit

Passionate about ensuring quality in their clothing, Kidscase believes in creating quality clothing; both through the fair treatment of production workers and also through environmentally friendly practices. About 70% of their children's range is made from organic cotton. 

baby girl clothes kidscase blue organic cotton bubble dress

We absolutely adore the gorgeous Kidscase girls 'Lilly' jumpsuits - both in red and yellow. And the organic baby bubble dot range is full of lovely, lightweight organic fabrics in a range of dresses, baby blouses and jumpsuits. 

Who made your kids' clothes?

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on October 19, 2017

Who made your kids' clothes?

I'm the first to admit it - I used to be a bargain shopper. Especially when it came to buying kids' clothes. I'd seek out chain-store sales, picking up 2 for $10 leggings and other bargains, completely stocking up for the season ahead without making too big a dent in my savings.

Budgeting is hard when you have a new family. The way those teeny people eat and grow in those first couple of years, it seems they're busting out of new clothes before they've had the chance to wear them! It's so easy to just pick up some cheap clothes and be done with it, knowing they're not going to last long anyway.

But the sad truth is, the reason many of those clothes are so cheap is because people have suffered making them. And unfortunately, too many of those people are children. 

According to the International Labour Organisation, an estimated 170 million children around the world are engaged in child labour - 'child labour' being defined by the child being too young or the work conditions being detrimental - with many of those children used to make textiles and garments.

Fast fashion has resulted in cut-throat brands doing everything they can to decrease production costs and maximise profits. But have we really reached a point in our society where the bottom line is more important than the fair and ethical treatment of workers? Do we really want to dress our children in clothing that was made by other children?

It's easy to ignore it when you don't see it. But when you can buy a ready-made item of clothing for less than you could have bought the material, we really have to ask ourselves, who's paying for this? We need to educate ourselves on how and where our clothes are made - otherwise we're at risk of inadvertently contributing to child labour. Which I'm sure no parent wants to do. 

Pretty Without Pink is committed to ensuring all the brands we stock support ethical clothing production. We stock brands who ensure their manufacturers don't hire children, treat their workers fairly and pay them a living wage. 

Thankfully, more and more consumers are joining the fashion revolution by asking the question, 'Who made my clothes?'  Because if we all make a pledge to only shop ethically, hopefully we can end child labour and unfair treatment of workers altogether. 

It's a girl! Introducing Pretty Without Pink...

By Susin, Pretty Without Pink
on August 25, 2017

It's a girl! Introducing Pretty Without Pink...

When you're pregnant, your senses are heightened. Smells are stronger, you're more sensitive to touch, food tastes different... and overall there's another sense, an awakening of some kind, an awareness of a new presence, of a new life growing inside you.

And for me, my first pregnancy brought with it another sense; an acute and overwhelming awareness of the colour pink. 

I'd never questioned it before. When someone has a boy, you buy them something blue. When someone has a girl you buy them something pink. Then there's yellow and green and white for those who don't know. It all seemed rather innocuous. 

But walking through a department store, having recently discovered we were having a girl, I found myself adrift in a sea of pink. And it didn't feel good. I felt strangely protective of my little girl, yet to be born. Yet to be subject to all those things society expects a little girl to be; sugar and spice and all things nice.

Pink was no longer an innocent, feminine colour. It was a rather heavy expectation. A box in which to pigeon hole her. A pastel pink constraint, tied up with a glittery bow. 

But to get a good mix of clothes that weren't pink, we really needed to shop around. That's where the idea for Pretty Without Pink came from - to create a store that just flat out didn't stock pink.

That little baby is now three and a half and her little sister has just turned one. Now, we couldn't be happier to introduce our newest baby into the world, Pretty Without Pink. She's only just teeny and new, but watch out because she's going to grow! And with any luck, will become as feisty and as strong as her older sisters.

We can't thank you enough for visiting. Please feel free to get in touch with any comments or feedback you may have at hello@prettywithoutpink.com.au

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  • Sapling Child Bluebirds Lace Bodysuit
    Sapling Child Bluebirds Lace Bodysuit Sapling Child Bluebirds Lace Bodysuit
  • Sapling Child Bluebird Pants
    Sapling Child Bluebird Pants Sapling Child Bluebird Pants
  • Sapling Child Bluebird Dress
    Sapling Child Bluebird Dress Sapling Child Bluebird Dress
  • Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Ducky Tee
    Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Ducky Tee Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Ducky Tee
  • Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Star Drop Tee
    Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Star Drop Tee Broken Tricycle Long-Sleeve Star Drop Tee
  • Baobab Girl's Garden Print 50s Bodysuit
    Baobab Girl's Garden Print 50s Bodysuit Baobab Girl's Garden Print 50s Bodysuit